Breathing new life
into organ

Advances in medical science have introduced the era of
personalized medicine for organs. XOR Labs Toronto is a pioneer
in this field. We are changing the face of organ transplantation
by exponentially increasing the number of donated lungs available
for transplantation around the world.

A Global Need.

Globally there are an estimated 700,000 patients who are in critical need and could potentially benefit from a lung transplant. Yet less than 6,000 procedures are done each year due to the limited availability of quality lungs. That means less than 1% of patients are being helped and of those listed for transplant, 20% will die waiting for a suitable donor organ.

The XOR Solution.

XOR Ex Vivo organ repair technology has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of people who are in critical need for lung transplantation due to diseases such as Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Pulmonary Hypertension & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

XOR’s ultimate goal is to reduce waiting list deaths to zero and to become the worldwide leader in advanced multi-organ (lung, heart, liver, etc.) transplantation technology.

Our Process

Improving lung quality to save more lives. XOR Labs technologies focus on repairing lungs so a transplant team can work with a known entity. Our commercial systems are based on Toronto Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (Toronto EVLP) – a proven and acclaimed technique we developed with the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto.

Taking Toronto
EVLP to the
next level.

Using the Toronto EVLP system, donated lungs are removed from the body, placed in a sterile chamber, oxygenated and provided with nutrition for an extended period of time. The protective system does not stress or damage the organ, allowing the transplant team to assess the lung and, if required, treat it with medication or sophisticated therapies like gene therapy or cell therapy.

This means that lungs that previously may have been discarded can now be repaired sufficiently for a successful transplant and a reduced chance of rejection.

Outside the
body experience.

This process has been used over 200 times over the past 6 years and has become the standard of care at UHN which is considered the worldwide leader in lung transplantation.

The New England Journal of Medicine, the most respected publication of its type, published a paper on the Toronto EVLP system. The data suggest that the technique can approximately double the utilization of donated lungs. Moreover, there is a growing body of evidence which suggests that improved lung quality and reducing costly complications during EVLP may also improve the cost economics of lung transplantation.

In the future, XOR believes it will be able to triple the utilization of donated lungs (e.g. from 20 out of 100 to 60 out of 100) and apply this technology to other organs (including heart and liver) and to other lung clinical conditions.

Our Devices

The Next Generation EVLP Systems. XOR’s product offering at its core is a standardized and scalable commercial version of a system already proven and currently used at University Health Network (UHN) called the Toronto Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (Toronto EVLP System).
The systems are currently under development and testing. Additional information and specifications will follow.

Company Profile

On the cutting edge of personalized medicine for organs. Founded in 2011, XOR Labs Toronto is a trailblazing medical device company based in Toronto, Canada.

Business Leadership

Clinical Leadership

Strategic Partners

Dr. Thomas K. Waddell
Chief Executive Officer
Scott Langille
Chief Financial Officer
Alan Coley
Head of Regulatory & Quality
Paul Kirkconnell
Senior Advisor, Corporate Development
Joel Liederman
Senior Advisor, Planning and Pipeline
André Perey
Legal Affairs and Strategy
Steven Plymale
Board Member
Dr. Georg Matheis
Board Member
Marc Muzzo
Board Member
Dr. Shaf Keshavjee
Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Marcelo Cypel
Clinical Advisor
Dr. Mingyao Liu
Clinical Advisor

Product Development

Mr. Geoff Frost
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Lahav Gil
Advisor Product Development
David Lynch
Director, Engineering & Development
Xenios AG
Kangaroo Design and Innovation

Pioneering Investors

MaRs Innovation
Ontario Centres of Excellence


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